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LP, Lou Reed ...
Transformer ...
EUR 10
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Wooden Horse
I own the original of Wooden Horse first albu ...

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c.j. & co
Devil`s gun

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Status Quo
Live At The N.E.C.
Bill Graham presents Grateful Dead, Sweathog a.m.
Concertposter Fillmore West and Winterland 1970

Going's Easy ...
LP, EUR 97

Rolling Stones same (first lp)
Rolling Ston ...
LP, EUR 40

Rolling Stones No. 2
Rolling Ston ...
LP, EUR 200

Leon Gieco Solo le pido a Dios - with original lyrics inner
Leon Gieco ...

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Dr. Hook & Medicine Show Compilation
Dr. Hook & M ...

LP Evert Taube: I vra hjrtan (2 LP's fra 1928-1953)
EUR 50 - Visits: 1944
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LP   Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Airplane - LP, EUR 11
Miles Davis Bitches Brew
Miles Davis ...
2LP jazz, EUR 17

ABBA ...
2LP, EUR 10

Buddy Holly The Great Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly
Jesse Ed Davis Jesse Ed Davis
Jesse Ed Davis
LP, EUR 55
Moody Blues The Moody Blues Caught Live + 5
Moody Blues
2LP, EUR 7
Rolling Stones Out Of Our Heads
Rolling Stones
LP, EUR 16
Wilding/Bonus Pleasure Signals
Depeche Mode It
Depeche Mode
12, EUR 28
Tom Northcott Upside, Downside
Tom Northcott
LP, EUR 14
Das Kapital Lili Malene
Das Kapital
LP, EUR 27

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Arthur Conley
Aske Bentzon
Iggy Pop
Juan formel Los VanVan m.fl.
Otis Redding and Little Joe Curtis
Soft Cell
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Dave Pell Singers
Dansk Guldalder Jazz 1933-1949
Various: Lorrie Mann, Jean Cambell
Eagle Band
Cedar Walton Trio

Ravi Shankar
Dinu Lipatti
4-Demensional Stereo Demonstration
Joseph Haydn

Record collection
Eric Clapton
Hanne Boel

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