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Feedback given to sellers on Music Collector


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From: JML. - 31-07-2017 20:28:28
To Sorensen Records etc.
26485, CD, You Know Who, Same, 1997, EU, Universal UMD 85025
Feedback: Positive.
Mark/grade: 10
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From: MichaelR - 29-06-2017 19:38:42
To Sorensen Records etc.
26049, CDs-DVD, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, The reunion tour - Live in concert 2010, 2010, Denmark, ArtPeople APBR 60279
Feedback: Positive.
Mark/grade: 10
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From: bjarne - 11-11-2016 16:40:17
To FairPrice Records
21719, LP, Leonard Cohen, Greatest Hits, 1975, NL, CBS 69161
Feedback: Positive.
Mark/grade: 8
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From: tilfreds kunde nr. 764 - 14-08-2016 14:57:50
24818, LP, Bryan Adams, Reckless, 1984, Germany, A & M records 395 013-1
Feedback: Positive.
Mark/grade: 10
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From: Anders Lehnsdal - 10-01-2016 12:33:17
To FairPrice Records
16398, LP, Rocking Ghosts, Gylden Pigtråd, 1975, UK, Metronome HLP 10559
Feedback: Positive.
Mark/grade: 10
Varen var som lovet, og super emballering. Hurtig og korrekt leveringstid.
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From: Line Johnsen - 10-11-2015 21:26:57
To Sorensen Records etc.
21536, CD, Peter + de andre kopier, gi gas, 1996, dk, CMC 24271-2
Feedback: Positive.
Mark/grade: 10
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From: Jane Krabbe - 22-10-2015 21:43:21
To Sorensen Records etc.
20799, CD, TV-2, Fantastiske Toyota, 1981, NL/Austria, CBS CDCBS 84936
Feedback: Positive.
Mark/grade: 10
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From: KPetsen - 08-05-2015 17:57:50
To Bent Hansen
21533, LP, Joe Satriani, The Extremist, 1992, , Rolativity, 471672 1
Feedback: Positive.
Mark/grade: 10
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From: NMunk - 21-08-2014 08:27:49
To FairPrice Records
21701, LP, Mehmet Ozan, Istanbul Express, 1979, DK, KPLP7
Feedback: Positive.
Mark/grade: 10
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From: BL - 14-08-2014 22:32:05
To R. Andersen
18678, LP, Frida (Abba), Shine, 1984, SE, Polar - POLS 390
Feedback: Positive.
Mark/grade: 10
A+++++seller!! i am very happy with LP,very fast delivery,5****to R.Andersen! thank you

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About feedback
1. Seller asks buyer for feedback.
2. Buyer enters feedback and it is shown here on this page.

The feedback can be - positive, neutral or negative.
Mark/grade. From -10 to 10.

In addition the buyer can enter a "feedback text" and tell how satisfied (or dissatisfied) he/she is with the purchase.
At the moment buyers can write in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Danisk, Norwegian and Swedish.
To see "feedback texts" written in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish please visit the Danish version of Music Collector.




Chubby Checker Still Twistin

Chubby Checker
Still Twistin'
DKK  45
ABBA The very best of ABBA

The very best of ABBA
DKK  55
West Country Three Sing The Hits Of Peter, Paul & Mary

West Country Three
Sing The Hits Of Peter, Paul & Mary
DKK  65
Kalaallisut erinarsuutit Ilinniarfissuup erinarsoqatigiivi

Kalaallisut erinarsuutit
Ilinniarfissuup erinarsoqatigiivi
EUR  20
Increible Stringband Same

Increible Stringband
EUR  17
U2 The Unforgettable Fire

The Unforgettable Fire
DKK  50


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