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Seller: Sorensen Records etc.
Jylland Danmark

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From: Brian Bager - 14-11-2018 20:07:13
25133, CD, Jacob Jensen Band, Sange man aldrig glemmer vol. 2, 2010, DK, Handy Records 11
Feedback: Positive. Mark/grade: 10
Perfekt ! Tak for handlen ! ++++++++++
From: JML. - 31-07-2017 20:28:28
26485, CD, You Know Who, Same, 1997, EU, Universal UMD 85025
Feedback: Positive. Mark/grade: 10
Tingene har fungeret perfekt hele vejen fra bestilling af varen til modtagelsen på vores private adresse.
From: MichaelR - 29-06-2017 19:38:42
26049, CDs-DVD, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, The reunion tour - Live in concert 2010, 2010, Denmark, ArtPeople APBR 60279
Feedback: Positive. Mark/grade: 10
Super god oplevelse at handle med Sorensen Records. Varen var i den forventede stand, og fik hurtigt svar via mail, på mine spørgsmål. Alt i alt super fint.
From: Line Johnsen - 10-11-2015 21:26:57
21536, CD, Peter + de andre kopier, gi gas, 1996, dk, CMC 24271-2
Feedback: Positive. Mark/grade: 10
Dejlig nemt, hurtigt svar og levering :)
From: Jane Krabbe - 22-10-2015 21:43:21
20799, CD, TV-2, Fantastiske Toyota, 1981, NL/Austria, CBS CDCBS 84936
Feedback: Positive. Mark/grade: 10
Super service og hurtig levering.
From: Mats - 18-08-2013 11:16:34
1813, 7, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Fire / For You, 1986, nl, CBS 6503817
Feedback: Positive. Mark/grade: 10
From: Ole K - 03-01-2013 20:58:52
2126, tape, tv-2, Vi blir alligevel aldrig voksne, 1990, dk, Pladecompagniet PCMC 8020
Feedback: Positive. Mark/grade: 10
Alting i bedste orden.
From: vibeke l jørgensen - 02-05-2012 09:57:57
355, LP, Pink Floyd, Atom Heart Mother, 1970, us, Harvest Skao-382
Feedback: Positive. Mark/grade: 10
From: Jørgen Jørgensen - 23-01-2012 18:31:14
497, LP, Malurt, Kold Krig, 1980, DK, Amar Records/Amar 23
Feedback: Positive. Mark/grade: 10
1 trykket af kold krig har søgt i mange år uden held,så det var jo fantastisk at finde den her,og i fin stand MVH gammel malurt freak
From: Peter Sixhøj - 22-12-2011 17:39:38
1185, LP, Mick Jagger, Primitive Cool, 1987, NL, CBS 4601231
Feedback: Positive. Mark/grade: 10
Rigtig god info fra sælger
From: Anja - 23-11-2011 21:07:44
1804, tape, Paul McCartney, Tug Of War, 1982, EEC, Odeon 1C 264-64 750T
Feedback: Positive. Mark/grade: 10


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