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# 37 From: sneakykoala, United Kingdom17-01-2010 15:30:31

Led Zeppelin 1 1st Pressing Cover Rarity

Hello fellow collectors...I wonder if you’d be so kind as to take a look at this for me and give me an idea of value and rarity.....at the moment this is the only one I’ve ever seen or heard of. I have a 1st pressing copy of Zep’s 1st LP on which the “Led Zeppelin” in the front top left corner is in yellow but the Atlantic logo in bottom right is orange. It is an original MacNeill Press Ltd London SE1 cover with the grey band at the bottom.....incidentally the vinyl inside is Warner credit 588171.....deadwax reads 588171 A/1 1 2 H and 588171 B/1 1 3 .
The vinyl is only Fair to Good and the cover itself has a tiny bit of scuffing to top edge appx 15mm , apart from that the edges are very good indeed as is the spine ....slightly crushed towards the bottom but fully legible .The opening is quite used with the beginnings of feathering and the laminate has quite a few half moons and creases...no writing or defacement....I would grade the cover as G+ conservatively.
Am I right in thinking this cover is an immense rarity or have you seen another one?
Yours with interest,
Jim Line



TYAfan  - Denmark
24-01-2010 14:44:06




Yellow & orange sleeve lettering:
I have seen a copy of LP, Led Zeppelin, UK, 1969, Atlantic 588171 with “Led Zeppelin” written in yellow on front cover and the Atlantic logo in orange on popsike.com (Price Guide).

The record has the well-know red-plum label and it has the Warner Bros credit.
Matrix side one A//1 and matrix side two B//1.
I understand that your copy has matrix endings A/1 and B/1?

Like your copy it comes with the MacNeill PRESS LTD sleeve.
It was sold in 2009 for GBP 898. Fine cover and excellent vinyl.

I do not know if it is the “right price” so more proposals are welcome.

Your record is obviously a rare issue.
Do you know if it is a 2nd or the 3rd issue of Led Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin I) album - or if the cover is just a faulty print of the 2nd “orange issue”?

Turquoise sleeve lettering:
The 1st pressing of the album is off course the one with the turquoise sleeve lettering (both Led Zeppelin and the Atlantic logo).

It was released January 12, 1969 according to the official website ledzeppelin.com.
It has the red-plum label with Superhype Publishing (credit).

This 1st pressing was shortly after (1969) replaced by what is called the 2nd pressing.

Orange sleeve lettering:
The 2nd pressing has the same catalogue number (Atlantic 588171) as the turquoise issue but has orange sleeve lettering and the red-plum label is with Warner Bros. credit (There should exist some with “Superhype” publishing credits).

I have a copy of this 2nd pressing with the Warner Bros. credits, MacNeill sleeve and the Plastic bags can be dangerous inner.
The matrix - side 1: 588171 A//1. Side 2: 588171 B//1.
Same matrix endings as the yellow & orange copy from the popsike price guide.
Mother stampers? 13 43 / 13 24

At the moment there is a copy of the 2nd pressing of the Led Zeppelin album for sale on Music Collector.
I show a picture of the item – no. 5980. Hope it is o.k. Thank you!
According to the description this copy has matrix endings: A//1 and B//1.
Again same matrix endings as the yellow & orange copy from popsike.

Here is a link to a list of different issues of the Led Zeppelin, Atlantic 588 171.
Your yellow & orange copy of the album is not on the list at the moment but maybe it will be added to the list if they hear about your special cover:

P.S: Some describe the Atlantic red-plum label as the red-maroon label.
It is the same label we are talking about.

sneakykoala  - United Kingdom
24-01-2010 18:04:50

Thank you very much Luke.....the matrices are actually A//1 and B//1 . Sorry for the slight inaccuracy.
I appreciate your information very much,
best wishes,

TYAfan  - Denmark
24-01-2010 18:45:34

Thank you very much for your answer.
Good to hear that your vinyl has the A//1 and B//1.
It seams that your yellow & orange copy and the 2nd orange "Led Zeppelin" release are alike when it comes to matrix endings.

Maybe the yellow "Led Zeppelin" is due to a faulty print of the 2nd orange issue???
Best wishes!

sneakykoala  - United Kingdom
24-01-2010 21:45:40

I think thats exactly what it is Luke.....a printing error , possibly from the end of the batch . The printers would obviously have tried to throw away the misprints but it seems just a very few escaped....at least two....the one on Popsike and mine!
Best wishes

Michael  - 
08-03-2010 01:39:56

The one sold on Ebay last year (listed on popsike for 800.00 GBP+) by a terrific seller (oneadayrecords) was a pristine copy of the first Zep mentioned here. I was interested since the pictures he provided were very detailed and clearly showed that the cover had not been tampered with. It went in my opinion way too cheap to the middle East. I regret not going after it since it would have been a great addition to my fine LZ collection.

Lando  - 
14-11-2013 20:43:21

I have the Orange sleeve lettering with catalogue number (Atlantic 588171) and with “Superhype” publishing credits. The vinyl is opened and is in near mint condition. Any idea what this is worth? is it considered first press or second?

I find this page:  BadGood  


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