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Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother Harvest 3C 064 - 04550LPPink FloydAtom Heart Mother1970ItalienHarvest 3C 064 - 04550   vg-/vg++EUR 9
USD 10

DKK 65
Pink Floyd The Wall Harvest - 1A 158-64310/112LPPink FloydThe Wall1979NetherlandHarvest - 1A 158-64310/11   vg+/vg+EUR 12
USD 13

DKK 90
East Of Eden Do Harvest – SHVL 792 ( gatefold )LPEast Of EdenDo1971UKHarvest – SHVL 792 ( gatefold )   vg/vg+EUR 21
USD 22

DKK 150
Pink Floyd Ummagumma Harvest -– STBB-3882LPPink FloydUmmagumma
1969UKHarvest -– STBB-388   vg+/vg+EUR 19
USD 21

DKK 140
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Harvest - SHVL 814LPPink FloydWish You Were Here1975UKHarvest - SHVL 814   vg/vgEUR 10
USD 10

DKK 70
Various The Harvest Bag Harvest -  SHSS 3,LPVariousThe Harvest Bag1971UKHarvest - SHSS 3,   vg+/vg+EUR 7

DKK 50
Deep Purple Deep Purple in rock Harvest SHVL 777LPDeep PurpleDeep Purple in rock1970DKHarvest SHVL 777  Early  ex/exEUR 21
USD 22

DKK 150
Deep Purple Fire Ball Harvest 1A 038-1575621LPDeep PurpleFire Ball - HollandHarvest 1A 038-1575621   vg/ex-EUR 9
USD 10

DKK 65
Deep Purple Deep Purple In Rock Harvest. SHVL 777LPDeep PurpleDeep Purple In Rock1970DKHarvest. SHVL 777   vg/vg-EUR 15
USD 16

DKK 110
GoingLPGoing's EasyGreatest Show On Earth1970UKHarvest.SHVL 783   vg/exEUR 97
USD 103

DKK 700
Horizons Greatest Show On Earth Harvest. SHVL 769LPHorizonsGreatest Show On Earth1970UKHarvest. SHVL 769   ex-/ex-EUR 81
USD 87

DKK 590
Ina Løndahl Menneske min ven Harvest      6C 064 38097LPIna LøndahlMenneske min ven1973DanmarkHarvest 6C 064 38097  1st  vg++/vg++EUR 11
USD 12

DKK 80
LPKraanFlyday1978GerHarvest – 1C 064-45 210, EMI Electrola  Original  ex+/ex+EUR 10
USD 11

DKK 75
LPWireChairs Missing - UKEMI/Harvest SHSP 4093  Reissue  ex+/nmEUR 21
USD 22

DKK 150
LPDeep PurpleIn Rock1970NLHarvest 1A 038-1575051  Reissue  ex/exEUR 7

DKK 50
Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon Harvest/EMI. 5C 062-05249LPPink FloydThe Dark Side Of The Moon1973HollandHarvest/EMI. 5C 062-05249   vg/vg+EUR 13
USD 14

DKK 95
Pink Floyd The Final Cut Harvest. 20 070-65042LPPink FloydThe Final Cut1983UKHarvest. 20 070-65042   ex-/exEUR 11
USD 12

DKK 80
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Harvest. 1A 062-96918LPPink FloydWish You Were Here1975HollandHarvest. 1A 062-96918   ex-/ex-EUR 10
USD 11

DKK 75
LPDeep PurpleFireball1971UKHarvest SHVL 793  gatefold cover vg/ex-EUR 7

DKK 50
Pink Floyd The Wall Harvest. 1C198 634102LPPink FloydThe Wall1974HollandHarvest. 1C198 63410   ex-/vg++EUR 10
USD 11

DKK 75
Pink Floyd A Nice Pair Harvest. 1 C 172-50 203/204LP setPink FloydA Nice Pair1967GERHarvest. 1 C 172-50 203/204   ex-/ex-EUR 24
USD 26

DKK 175
Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon EMI Harvest. SHVL 804LPPink FloydThe Dark Side Of The Moon1973SweEMI Harvest. SHVL 804  Original  ex-/vg++EUR 14
USD 15

DKK 100
Roger Waters The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking Harvest. 1C 064-2401051LPRoger WatersThe Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking1984EECHarvest. 1C 064-2401051   ex-/ex-EUR 62
USD 66

DKK 450
LPelectric light orchestrashowdown -  - harvest 7c 038 05698   vg/goodEUR 3

DKK 20
Ina Løndahl Menneske min ven Harvest    6C 064 38097LPIna LøndahlMenneske min ven1073DenmarkHarvest 6C 064 38097  1st tekster på pladeomslag ex/exEUR 14
USD 15

DKK 100
Pink Floyd Wall Harvest 1634101LPPink FloydWall1979GerHarvest 1634101  Early  ex+/nmEUR 18
USD 19

DKK 130
Roy Harper The Unknown Soldier Harvest 1A 062-07259LPRoy HarperThe Unknown Soldier1980NLHarvest 1A 062-07259   ex/exEUR 8

DKK 60
Pretty Things S.F Sorrow/Parachute Harvest SHWD 406LPPretty ThingsS.F Sorrow/Parachute1975UKHarvest SHWD 406  Reissue  ex/exEUR 38
USD 41

DKK 275
Roy Harper Flashes from the Archives of oblivion Harvest SHSP 4051LPRoy HarperFlashes from the Archives of oblivion1974UKHarvest SHSP 4051   vg/exEUR 11
USD 12

DKK 80
Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon EMI / Harvest  SHVL804LPPink FloydThe Dark Side Of The Moon1973SwedenEMI / Harvest SHVL804  Special edition 2 posters & 2 cards m/mEUR 75
USD 82
David Gilmour David gilmour EMI/Harvest SHVL 817LPDavid GilmourDavid gilmour1978UKEMI/Harvest SHVL 817  Original  nm/nmEUR 34
USD 37

DKK 250
 * LPPink FloydWish You Were Here1975UKHarvest  Original  ex/exEUR 10
USD 11

DKK 75
LPSebastianDen store flugt1972sweHarvest 6C 064-38088  Original  m-/mEUR 10
USD 11

DKK 75

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Marianne Faithfull Strange Weather

Marianne Faithfull
Strange Weather
DKK  100
Rare Bird As Your Mind Flies By

Rare Bird
As Your Mind Flies By
DKK  70
George Harrison Live in Japan

George Harrison
Live in Japan
EUR  300
Edvard Grieg Peer Gynt. Norsk Kulturråds Klassikerserie

LP set
Edvard Grieg
Peer Gynt. Norsk Kulturråds Klassikerserie
DKK  500
Deep Purple Deep Purple In Rock

Deep Purple
Deep Purple In Rock
DKK  110
Kylie Minogue Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi

Kylie Minogue
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
EUR  19



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