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Blues Pills
Blues Pills. Official website. Blues Pills is a Swedish bluesrock band - hardrock band - psychedelic soul band with blues roots. Biography. Discography. Live ...
Swedish beat and psych
Swedish beat musik. Discover the music that hit the people of Sweden in the 1960s. Discographies with photos of covers etc. - The Hounds. Tages. Shanes ...
Swedish beat and psych. Tages discography
Ten Years After at Flower Pop, Holeby, Denmark
Ten Years After playing at the music club Flower Pop in Holeby in Denmark in February 1968. Photos from the event. Text in English and Danish. The concert was shown on Danish national TV on February 24, 1968.
Melissa Horn
Nyheter. Biografi. Musik. Turn├ę. G├Ąstbok. Debutalbumet L├ąnga n├Ątter - S├Ąg ingenting till mig - Om du vill vara med mig - Jag g├ąr nu - Du g├ąr nu ...

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Helle Hansen Heart Core

Helle Hansen
Heart Core
EUR  15
Niels-Henning ├śrsted Pedersen The Eternal Traveller

Niels-Henning ├śrsted Pedersen
The Eternal Traveller
DKK  210
Floor 1st Floor

1st Floor
DKK  375
The The Infected

The The
DKK  75
John Mayall THe Blues Alone

John Mayall
THe Blues Alone
DKK  120
Troels Skovgaard No matter how far I go

Troels Skovgaard
No matter how far I go
EUR  22


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