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Item: 1896

Helle Hansen

Heart Core



CD, Helle Hansen, Heart Core
Country dk
Year 2003
Edition original
Company etc. Heart Core Records 200301
E.g. cov/rec
Price EUR 15
Estimated prices in other currencies:
USD 19 - GBP 13 - JPY 1986 - SEK 150 - DKK 112
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Seller Sorensen Records etc.
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Details Helle Hansen, Heart Core:

Original CD. Still sealed (unplayed)
Tracks: For Good (is such a long time), Are You On My Side, Strawberry Spring, Sweeter, Way Too Fast For Me, Wanna Wake Up Next To You, Look At The Good Things You've Got, Keep This Sunlight From My Pores, This Doesn't Mean That You're Not In My Heart, St Elsewhere, Gnarled Trees, Let It Rain, Come Home For Christmas.
All music & lyrics by Helle Hansen except arrangements (guitar-introtheme) for St Elsewhere by Jens Christian Kwella.

Musicians: Helle Hansen, Perry Steinbäck, Klaus Menzer, Peter Paasgaard Schmidt, Jens Haack, Kirstine Birk, Lonnie Kjer, Ida K. Nielsen, Sune Thorbjørnsen, Nisser Andersen, Kåre Kabel Mai, Peter Dombernowsky, Nikolai Bøgelund, Michael Bladt, Morten Kjær, Jan Kaspersen, Trine Vinkler, Anette Buonaventzen, Karen Busck.

Mastered by Jørgen Knub at Timeless Recording. Produced by Helle Hansen. Photos Gorm Valentin. Cover designed by Maiken & Co
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Type: CD
Qantity: 1-3
Denmark: EUR 5
Europe, Greenland, The Faroe Islands: EUR 6,5
Rest of the world: EUR 7,5


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Seller: Sorensen Records etc.
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Helle Hansen Heart Core
Item no. 1896
Helle Hansen
Heart Core



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