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Item: 7704

Depeche Mode

It's called a heart - Extended



12, Depeche Mode, It
Country UK
Year 1985
Company etc. Mute Records
E.g. cov/rec
Price DKK 200
Estimated prices in other currencies:
EUR 28 - USD 30 - GBP 21 - JPY 3300 - SEK 250
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Seller Ninette Broberg
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Details Depeche Mode, It's called a heart - Extended:
12 BONG 12

+ Fly on the Windscreen



Seller's information about shipping, postage, payment etc.

PAYMENT Bank transfer (IBAN/SWIFT), cash by mail. POSTAGE & HANDLING 1 LP, Europe: EUR 7 or 4.50 Rest of the world: $ 13, 6.50, EUR 9, DKK 70. - Denmark: DKK 35 1-2 single(s) or 1 CD: Denmark DKK 20. Europe EUR 4 2. Rest of the world EUR 7 or $ 9 1 cassette tape, Europe EUR 2.50, Rest of the world EUR 3, $ 4.50 - Denmark DKK 15. 2 cassette tapes, Europe EUR 4.00, Rest of the world EUR 6 - Denmark DKK 20. Registred mail add 9 Euro. Ask for the shipping/handling price in case you buy more than one LP/single. Money back guarantee! GRADING Gradings strict and conservative. All records and cds have been "play graded" unless otherwise stated. However, should you be dissatisfied with the buy, I offer a money back guarantee within 14 days from delivery. PACKAGING All records are packed in protective emballage specialized for shipping records. The record is always packed outside the cover/picture sleeve to avoid seam splits during postal handling.

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Seller: Ninette Broberg
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Depeche Mode It
Item no. 7704
Depeche Mode
It's called a heart - Extended



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