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Item: 9602

al hirt

Al Hirt Plays Bert Kaempfert



LP, al hirt, Al Hirt Plays Bert Kaempfert
Country USA
Year 1968
Company etc. RCA LSP3917
E.g. cov/rec
Price DKK 100
Estimated prices in other currencies:
EUR 14 - USD 15 - GBP 10 - JPY 1650 - SEK 125
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Seller karina seidelin jensen
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Details al hirt, Al Hirt Plays Bert Kaempfert:

All the LP I have for sale are in good condition but may occur ring ware on the cover.

If you did not think the price is fair, you can make a bid

LP contains the following songs

Red Rose for a Blue Lady
Spanish Eyes
Afrikaan Beat
Magic Trumpet
Sweet Maria
The World We Knew
Bye Bye Blues
A Swingin' Safari
Danke Schoen
Strangers in the Night
Wonderland by Night




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All items are available, unless stated 'reserved' or 'sold'

You can pay by bank transfer, and once I can see the money in my account. (Please write item number on the transfer), I will send the items to you.


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Seller: karina seidelin jensen
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al hirt and/or Al Hirt Plays Bert Kaempfert found here:

al hirt the best of Al hirt
Item no. 9603
al hirt
the best of Al hirt


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al hirt Al Hirt Plays Bert Kaempfert
Item no. 9602
al hirt
Al Hirt Plays Bert Kaempfert



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