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Jylland Danmark

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Christina Aguilera Back to Basics RCA 828768963422CDChristina AguileraBack to Basics2006EURCA 82876896342   ex+/nmEUR 10
USD 12
Klejtrup Musikefterskole Recordings Årgang 2011-2012 2CDKlejtrup MusikefterskoleRecordings Årgang 2011-20122012Danmark   seal/sealEUR 10
USD 12
John Williams John Williams plays the movies Sony Music S2K 627842CDJohn WilliamsJohn Williams plays the movies1996AustriaSony Music S2K 62784   ex+/nmEUR 10
USD 12
Bryan Adams On a day like today A&M 541 016-2CDBryan AdamsOn a day like today1998EuropeA&M 541 016-2   vg+/exEUR 6
Bushpilots Moosehard CDBushpilotsMoosehard1994Denmark   ex+/as newEUR 9
USD 11
Enrique Iglesias Enrique Iglesias Interscope Records ‎4905662CDEnrique IglesiasEnrique Iglesias1999EUInterscope Records ‎4905662   ex/vg+EUR 6
Shakira Oral Fixation vol. 2 Epic 82876738952CDShakiraOral Fixation vol. 22005NetherlandsEpic 82876738952  Feat. Carlos Santana, track 3 ex/ex+EUR 6
John Spillane Hey Dreamer EMI Music ‎CDHEY1CDJohn SpillaneHey Dreamer2005UK & IrelandEMI Music ‎CDHEY1   ex+/nmEUR 9
USD 11
Carpark North Carpark North EMI 5823812CDCarpark NorthCarpark North2003EUEMI 5823812   ex/nmEUR 9
USD 11
Sugarbabes Taller in more ways Island PG-0374CDSugarbabesTaller in more ways2005ThailandIsland PG-0374   ex/exEUR 7
Strokes Is This It RCA ‎07863 68045 2CDStrokesIs This It2001EuropeRCA ‎07863 68045 2   ex+/ex+EUR 9
USD 11
Patrik Isaksson Patrik Isaksson CMC C 00226-2CDPatrik IsakssonPatrik Isaksson2006DK/EUCMC C 00226-2   ex+/nmEUR 15
USD 19
Beyoncé BCDBeyoncéB'Day2006EUColumbia 82876 88132 2   ex+/nmEUR 10
USD 12
Cross Nine Cross Nine CDSCross NineCross Nine1994Denmark  3 tracks ex/nmEUR 19
USD 23

DKK 140
Rasmus Nøhr Fra kæreste til grin Mermaid Records MR 0024CDRasmus NøhrFra kæreste til grin2010EUMermaid Records MR 0024   ex+/nmEUR 11
USD 13

DKK 79
Rasmus Nøhr Rasmus Nøhr Copenhagen Records CHHREC 0005CDRasmus NøhrRasmus Nøhr2004EUCopenhagen Records CHHREC 0005   ex/exEUR 10
USD 11

DKK 69
Superheroes Superheroes Frog 027-2CDSuperheroesSuperheroes2002DenmarkFrog 027-2   ex/nmEUR 10
USD 12
Snoop Dogg Tha Blue Carpet Treatment Geffen Records 60251713921CDSnoop DoggTha Blue Carpet Treatment2006EUGeffen Records 60251713921  Parental advisory - Explicit content ex+/nmEUR 10
USD 12
Celine Dion LetCDCeline DionLet's Talk About Love1997AustriaColumbia 489159 2   ex/vg+EUR 6
Celine Dion My Love - Ultimate essential collection Columbia 886974005022CDCeline DionMy Love - Ultimate essential collection2008EUColumbia 88697400502  Compilation 36 tracks ex+/ex+EUR 9
USD 11
Bo Kaspers orkester I centrum Columbia Col 489734 2CDBo Kaspers orkesterI centrum1998SwedenColumbia Col 489734 2   ex/vg+EUR 7
Savage Garden Affirmation Columbia 494935 2CDSavage GardenAffirmation1999AustriaColumbia 494935 2   ex/vg+EUR 6
Placebo Sleeping with the ghosts Virgin CDFLOOR 17CDPlaceboSleeping with the ghosts2003EUVirgin CDFLOOR 17   ex+/nmEUR 10
USD 12
Robbie Williams Sing when youCDRobbie WilliamsSing when you'er winning2000 - Chrysalis ‎7243 5 29024 2 2   ex+/exEUR 9
USD 11
Dúné Enter metropolis Iceberg Records ‎ICE-NGOR CD 200CDDúnéEnter metropolis2009EUIceberg Records ‎ICE-NGOR CD 200   ex/nmEUR 10
USD 12
Ghetto Supastar Pras Ruffhouse 491489 2CDGhetto SupastarPras1998AustriaRuffhouse 491489 2   vg+/vg+EUR 7
Peter Bastian & Stig Møller Forrest walk Fønix Musik FMF-CD 1027CDPeter Bastian & Stig MøllerForrest walk2001DenmarkFønix Musik FMF-CD 1027   ex+/nmEUR 12
USD 15
Politikens rockleksikon Rock - over 1200 navne og grupper Politikens Forlag ISBN 87-567-2803-4bookPolitikens rockleksikonRock - over 1200 navne og grupper1978DanmarkPolitikens Forlag ISBN 87-567-2803-4  rock encyclopedia in Danish ex+/nmEUR 12
USD 14

DKK 85
Turboweekend Night Shift Mermaid Records 88697448572CDTurboweekendNight Shift2009 - Mermaid Records 88697448572   nm/nmEUR 10
USD 12
Kristine Hoelgaard Honey, youCDEPKristine HoelgaardHoney, you're leaving with me2004Denmark  Demo 3 tracks ex+/nmEUR 15
USD 19
Anastacia Freak of nature Epic/Daylight 504757 2CDAnastaciaFreak of nature2001AustriaEpic/Daylight 504757 2   ex+/nmEUR 10
USD 12
David Bowie Blackstar Columbia 88875173862CDDavid BowieBlackstar2016EUColumbia 88875173862   nm/ex+EUR 9
USD 11
Psyched Up Janis In the Sun PSYCHPROMO 215CDSPsyched Up JanisIn the Sun1998DK / HollandPSYCHPROMO 215  Promo  ex+/nmEUR 40
USD 49
Karita Mattila Lauluja Merelle Ondine ODE 907-25CDKarita MattilaLauluja Merelle1998Finland / AustriaOndine ODE 907-25   ex+/nmEUR 10
USD 12
Madonna Ray of Light Maverick 9362-46847-2CDMadonnaRay of Light1998GermanyMaverick 9362-46847-2   ex+/ex+EUR 7
Murder by Death Red of tooth and claw Vagrant Records VR494CDMurder by DeathRed of tooth and claw2008USVagrant Records VR494   ex+/as newEUR 12
USD 15
Ronan Keating Ronan Polydor  549 104-2CDRonan KeatingRonan2000EUPolydor 549 104-2   ex/exEUR 8
USD 10
Il Volo Il Volo Geffen Records 0602527696294CDIl VoloIl Volo2011EUGeffen Records 0602527696294  12 tracks ex/nmEUR 9
USD 11
Oasis (WhatCDOasis(What's The Story) Morning Glory?1995AustriaHelter Skelter 481020 2   ex/exEUR 7
Joseph Haydn 3 concertos for organ and orchestra DKlassisk CDK 1155CDJoseph Haydn3 concertos for organ and orchestra - DenmarkDKlassisk CDK 1155   seal/sealEUR 9
USD 11

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