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Music issued in 2000-2099

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Rasmus Seebach Rasmus Seebach ArtPeople APCD 60230CDRasmus SeebachRasmus Seebach2009EUArtPeople APCD 60230   ex+/nmEUR 10
USD 10

DKK 69
Vildnis København by night ArtPeople APCD 60080CDVildnisKøbenhavn by night2005DanmarkArtPeople APCD 60080   ex/ex+EUR 9
USD 10

DKK 65
Eminem Recovery Aftermath Entertainment 0602527394527CDEminemRecovery2010EUAftermath Entertainment 0602527394527   ex/exEUR 9
USD 10
Juncker Det sorthvide hotel ArtPeople APCD 60105CDJunckerDet sorthvide hotel2006EUArtPeople APCD 60105   ex+/nmEUR 10
USD 10

DKK 69
Troels Skovgaard No matter how far I go In the House Records ITHCD 0042CDTroels SkovgaardNo matter how far I go2006 - In the House Records ITHCD 004  20 tracks ex/nmEUR 22
USD 24
L.O.C. Cassiopeia (Limited edition) EMI 2689752CDL.O.C.Cassiopeia (Limited edition)2006DenmarkEMI 2689752   ex/ex+EUR 10
USD 11

DKK 75
Michael Jackson This is it - Discover the man you never knew Sony Pictures Home Entertainment CB69320. 1SG1DVDMichael JacksonThis is it - Discover the man you never knew2010ThailandSony Pictures Home Entertainment CB69320. 1SG1   ex/exEUR 15
USD 16
Parish Vis dig frem CDParishVis dig frem2010Danmark   ex+/nmEUR 16
USD 18

DKK 119
Various Music from and inspired by the motion picture 8 mile Shady recordsCDVariousMusic from and inspired by the motion picture 8 mile2002EUShady records  16 tracks ex/ex+EUR 10
USD 11
TV-2 Amerika EMI 5311872CDTV-2Amerika2001NLEMI 5311872   ex/nmEUR 8

DKK 59
Johnny Guitar Watson Best of Johnny guitar Watson - Gangster of love Castle Music CMRCD 1131CDJohnny Guitar WatsonBest of Johnny guitar Watson - Gangster of love2005 - Castle Music CMRCD 1131  14 tracks ex/nmEUR 12
USD 13
Claus Hempler, Halfdan E, Ruben K Elefantens vuggevise Ministeriet for LigestillingCDSClaus Hempler, Halfdan E, Ruben KElefantens vuggevise2004DanmarkMinisteriet for Ligestilling  Special edition 2 tracks ex/nmEUR 10
USD 10

DKK 69
Jay-Z Linkin Park Collision course Warner bros.  9362-48966-2CD-DVDJay-Z Linkin ParkCollision course2004EUWarner bros. 9362-48966-2   ex+/nmEUR 10
USD 11
Under byen Samme stof som stof Telescopie Pic 15CDUnder byenSamme stof som stof2006FranceTelescopie Pic 15  1st  ex+/as newEUR 10
USD 11

DKK 75
Vildnis Vildnis ArtPeople APCD 60037CDVildnisVildnis
2003DKArtPeople APCD 60037  1st  ex/exEUR 10
USD 11

DKK 75
Katie Melua Call off the search Dramatico DRAMCD0002CDKatie MeluaCall off the search2003UKDramatico DRAMCD0002  Original  ex/exEUR 6
Kaizers Orchestra Maskineri ALARMCD 112CDKaizers OrchestraMaskineri2008DenmarkALARMCD 112  1st  ex+/ex+EUR 8
Duffy Rockferry A&M Records 176 297-5CDDuffyRockferry2008EUA&M Records 176 297-5  Original  ex/as newEUR 6
Burhan G Go with your senses Copenhagen Records PROMCPH002-2CDEPBurhan GGo with your senses2010EUCopenhagen Records PROMCPH002-2  Promo 4 tracks ex/as newEUR 18
USD 20
Melissa Horn Långa Nätter RCA 88697 21197 2CDMelissa HornLånga Nätter2008EURCA 88697 21197 2  Original  m-/m-EUR 13
USD 14
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