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# 68 From: All pink, Denmark24-04-2011 23:38:10

Pink Island - orange circle label


Where did they use this pink Island label in 1969?

The label has the orange and black circle logo as we see on the UK issues from that period - but "island" is printed at the top of the label. (On UK labels "island" is printed on the lower half of the label).

No issue country is mentioned but "NCB" is printed on the label. (Nordic Copyright Bureau). Probably a Scandinavian pressing.
Is it a Swedish label?



Preben Vedsted  - 
17-08-2012 10:53:41

33 varv is Swedish for 33 rpm. so I assume it is Swedish

All pink  - Denmark
17-08-2012 12:55:35

Thank you very much for your help!

I find this page:  BadGood  


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