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# 10 From: LZ2008, Australia18-01-2008 20:06:47

Led Zeppelin - Trade Mark of Quality Label


Hi I have a live booleg led zeppelin 12 inch that was recorded just before led zeppelin 4 came out I am thinking of selling it ... What might it be worth?

There is no catalogue number being a bootleg album and no writing on the cover. The only thing it has is a yellow label on the record with a pig as an emblem. It must have been an illegal copy done by someone in the industry where they made records. I have never heard of anyone who knows about it in over 30 years i have owned it.



Music Collector  - Denmark
18-01-2008 22:26:52

A user on Music Collector has sent this (thanks): the information I have found is as followed. "trade mark of quality" is a bootleg label that has released more than one record of led zeppelin. so it is difficult to say what the album is called? but I have all the releases and record numbers here. hope it can help?

#71044 led zeppelin-mudslide
#71030 led zeppelin-bbc broadcast
# 73017 led zeppelin-stairway to heaven
# 72002 led zeppelin-live on blueberry hill ( is well known between collectors)
# 73004 led zeppelin- going to california
# 73007 led zeppelin- bonzo`s birthday party
# 72016 led zeppelin- three days after
# 72019 led zeppelin- v-1/2

LZ2008  - Australia
19-01-2008 13:30:04

Hi thanks for this information I wish I had a working record player so I could try it again I can only remember a few songs whole lotta love, stairway to heaven, the lemon song and i think immigrant song.When they are talking in sounds like they were inside ( Venue ) And on the record just before it starts robert plant says that the next song is of our new record coming out it called stairway to heaven.Or something like that

Music Collector  - Denmark
24-02-2008 17:41:28

A user on Music Collector has sent this (thanks): hi again.
after the your new information, i can tell you that your bootleg is a BBC recording, in paris cinema in london 1 april in 1971. and the following tracks on the record is: side 1. immgrant song, stairway to heaven, what is and should never be. side 2. hole lotta love ( listed as 3 tracks: whole lotta love, minnasota blues, the lemon song.) and the titel of the album is: stairway to heaven # 73017 matrix: 1852. it is a good recording, and i know that the sound is great! so i would it`s worth around 200 euro. if the condition is good?
jens from Denmark.

I find this page:  BadGood  


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