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# 110 From: Q20130529, Denmark29-05-2013 21:36:08

Now that's what I call music 3 on CD

From watching a recent documentary I have been made aware that Now thats what i call music 3 on CD is worth around £500. Do you have any idea how much the first ever one would be estimated at on tape? Or could you direct me to someone who could tell me please?


A20130529  - 
29-05-2013 22:52:36


CDs, LPs etc. can be sold at very different prices so maybe a copy of Now that's what I call music 3 has been sold for GBP 500.

There are no copies of the CD for sale on Music Collector at the moment but during a quick search a perfect (like new) copy was found on the internet at a price of US $21.98.

And a copy in a "very good" (vg) condition: US $7.09

Now That's What I Call Music! 3 by Various Art
Universal Distribution UPC: 731454541725
Release Date: 12/07/1999
18 tracks
Playing time 70 minutes

Do you have some more information about the item in the documentary?
E.g. a link to the documentary?

nlgbbbblth  - 
16-04-2016 12:24:07

The above post and reply are incorrect and misleading.

Firstly, the documentary is referring to the UK series of Now That's What I Call Music. And the CD in question is Now That's What I Call Music 4 (not 3). It was released in November 1984 as a test pressing and sold very few copies. It has reached £500 on Ebay in recent years.

The value of the first Now cassette would be not more than £5.


I find this page:  BadGood  


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