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# 127 From: TheodorEngen, Denmark06-11-2015 09:41:12

The Minds of 99, limited Edition, debut album


Hello fellow vinyl collectors!

I am on the look out for a fairly new realesed album from
the danish band "The Minds of 99". It concerns their debut
album, they released in 2014, in limited edition. The
production was limited to 120 records and has pretty
unique look, as the records aesthetic look is mainly
handmade. The cover is painted and the rest of the text in
the album is handwritten.
I would very much like it, if any of you had a copy i could
buy or if you can lead me on a path to find the album.
The link below shows a picture of the cover of the record.

Regards Theodor Engen


Music Collector  - Denmark
07-11-2015 00:02:40

Hi Theodor
We have added the album/title you are looking for to our Want list. Hope that's is OK.

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More information on the page - Wants (Want list).

Kind regards
Music Collector


I find this page:  BadGood  


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