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# 132 From: MrBrightside1009, United States28-06-2016 01:13:34

Asking for Help: Campaigning for WWE Music


We all love music, and the emotions and memories that
they evoke. And I think we can all agree that it's a shame
when fans of an artist are not able to enjoy their works
because they remain unreleased.

Jim Johnston has been working for WWE for nearly 30
years and had created some legendary music pieces for
the show's characters. Despite the efforts of fans and
collectors, much of his work has often gone unreleased.
Hundreds of songs. Fans and collectors continue to cling
onto "bootleg" recordings taken from cassette tapes, video
game snippets, TV recordings, satellite feeds, etc. Fans
have even gone as far as to remake some of the songs
using FL Studio and other software.

Here's an example of a song that fans keep in their
collection, consisting of low quality samples, and TV

Maybe some of you are former or even current WWE fans,
and understand the weight that Johnston's music can give
to the presentation of one of the show's characters. Maybe
you'll remember guys like Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Ricky
Steamboat, Demolition, The Road Warriors/Legion of
Doom, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, Bret Hart.

Even if you're not a WWE Music fan, I'm asking you to
**please** take a moment of your time to send an email
to the people at WWE Music Group, or the "Click to Tweet"
link below—or both if you're feeling frisky! It would help
us fans out a lot and I'm sure Jim Johnston would
appreciate the support, considering he has zero say or
control over what is released.

Click to Tweet:

You can either write your own email, or I've written one
out you can use. Just copy and paste it:


Music has a rich history in WWE, and Jim Johnston's music
has played a critical role in the presentation over the
years, lending a soundtrack to some of our favorite
characters, moments, and memories. With so many songs
still "in the vault", we ask you to finally consider releasing
them for fans and music enthusiasts to enjoy.

Thank you for your time and possible consideration.

Emails of WWE Music heads:


**Thank you!**

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