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please check our current advertisement prices.
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ItemsEURÅr 2 osv.

Rabat ved
170 %
1001915 %
2002215 %
3002720 %
4003020 %
5003325 %
10004735 %
30009350 %
500013350 %
From 5000+ (each)
Minimum purchase
100 items
0,0350 %
You can order exactly the number you want.
September 5, 2020
  • Your items are shown on Music Collector for 12 months.

  • Included in the price: Each item can be shown with up to 8 photos.

  • You can EDIT your items whenever it suits you: Make changes, reserve an item, add pictures, etc.

  • No extra fees when you sell a merchandise.

  • When you have sold an item you can enter a new one.

  • When the advertisement period has expired, you can prolong your advertising by another year. We allow a discount.

  • As a seller on Music Collecor you have access to a price guide with several thousand prices/ price examples.


How to get started

  1. Sign up / register as a seller. It takes about 2 minutes and is free of charge - Register

  2. Immediately after you have signed up (registered) you can enter your items and add pictures etc.

  3. Shortly after we have received information about how many items you want to sell and your payment, you can display your items and start selling.



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