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    How to sell on Music Collector

  • Do you want to sell your LPs, singles, EPs, CDs, music DVDs, memorabilia, etc.?
    Then you can do it on Music Collector.
    Here you can see the other sellers selling on Music Collector at the moment.

  • Buyers from all over the world
    Music collectors from all over the world visit Music Collector to buy records and other items.

  • It is easy
    It is easy for you to enter your items, add pictures etc.
    It is cheap to use Music Collector as your marketplace.
    It is easy for buyers to contact you.

  • Need to check how much your records and other items are worth?
    Sellers have access to the Music Collector Price Guide where you can check prices.
    The price guide has several thousand entries.

  • What can I sell on Music Collector?
    You can sell all kinds of items with connection to music and musicians.
    Some examples: LPs, CDs, singles, EPs, tapes, videos, DVDs, posters, photos, autographs, concert tickets, tour programs, music books, magazines, fanzines, sheet music, etc...
    You can sell secondhand items and new items on Music Collector.

  • Trade rules
    All business conducted through Music Collector is a matter exclusively between buyer and seller.
    Trade rules

  • Advertising prices
    Our current ad prices

  • Your items are display on Music Collector
    Your items (your advertisement) will appear on Music Collector shortly after we have received your payment.
    We will inform you by email when your advertisement is active.
    Payment methods

  • Free of charge to sign up
    It is free of charge to sign up (register) and to enter your items.

  • If you have any questions please contact us


How to get started

  1. Sign up / register as a seller. It takes about 2 minutes - HERE

  2. Immediately after you have signed up (registered) you can enter your items and add pictures etc.

  3. When your are ready to start selling please send an email to Music Collector.

  4. Shortly after we have received your order and your payment, you can display your items.


See you on Music Collector


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