How to buy

  • Click on the buy button

  • Send your order

    If you buy a record (vinyl) it is a good idea to make sure that the seller uses a solid and protective packing when shipping the item.

  • Payment

    The sellers often accept different methods of payment.

    If you pay by payment cards / credit cards use only secure funds transfer. E.g. VISA, MasterCard, PayPal etc.

    The sellers on Music Collector will never ask you to send your card number etc.
    Do not give your card number or your pin code to anybody.

  • Shipping

    The sellers will ship the item(s) shortly after you have send your order and your payment.

    If you feel it takes too long. Do not hesitate to contact the seller.

    Normally, the delivery proceeds smoothly.
    However, if you can see that the goods have suffered in transit then refuse to take delivery of the goods. - The items will then be returned to sender and you will get a refund from the seller.

    You can find more information about how to buy on Music Collector further below. The link - Trade rules

  • You are welcome to contact Music Collector if you have questions about buying