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Seller: kim hertel
Fuglebjerg dk

Member since:  11-05-2009

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Shadows More Hits! EMI Columbia   33SX 1791LPShadowsMore Hits!1965UKEMI Columbia 33SX 1791  Original  good/goodEUR 6

DKK 40
Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, Marty Robbins u.v.a. This is Country and Western Music. 24 Golden Hits CBS.  S 66 2482LPJohnny Cash, Johnny Horton, Marty Robbins u.v.a.This is Country and Western Music. 24 Golden Hits1966GerCBS. S 66 248  Gatefold vg++/vg++EUR 6

DKK 40
Zen Circus. & Brian Ricthie Villa Inferno Unhiprecords.   UNHIP16LPZen Circus. & Brian RicthieVilla Inferno2008ItalyUnhiprecords. UNHIP16  Gatefold. - White Record m/mEUR 18
USD 22
Thompson Twins Here’s to Future days Arista.   ALB-8276LPThompson TwinsHere’s to Future days1985USArista. ALB-8276   m/mEUR 6

DKK 40
Supertramp Brother whereabouts you Bound A & M Records. LP 395 014-1LPSupertrampBrother whereabouts you Bound1985GerA & M Records. LP 395 014-1   ex-/exEUR 7

DKK 50
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel The Best of Steve Harley And the Cockney Rebel Fame - FA 3007LPSteve Harley And Cockney RebelThe Best of Steve Harley And the Cockney Rebel1981UkFame - FA 3007   vg++/vg++EUR 6

DKK 40
Small Faces From the beginning Decca. ND 153LPSmall FacesFrom the beginning1967GerDecca. ND 153   vg/vgEUR 17
USD 20

DKK 120
Skid Skid Row CBS Columbia. 63965LPSkidSkid Row1970UKCBS Columbia. 63965   vg-/exEUR 10
USD 12
Troels Trier Kære Gurli Harlekin Musik.  HMLP 4305LPTroels TrierKære Gurli1982DKHarlekin Musik. HMLP 4305  Original  vg/vgEUR 3

DKK 20
Martin Hall ‘Imperfect’ Virgin. 210 798LPMartin Hall‘Imperfect’1980DKVirgin. 210 798  Original  m/mEUR 30
USD 36

DKK 220
Burning Red Ivanhoe Shorts Pick Up.  PULP 80304LPBurning Red IvanhoeShorts1980DKPick Up. PULP 80304  Original  vg/exEUR 21
USD 25

DKK 150
Mathilde Tove Ditlevsens Pigesind Exlibris.   EXL 20 001LPMathildeTove Ditlevsens Pigesind1975DKExlibris. EXL 20 001  Original  ex+/ex+EUR 10
USD 12

DKK 70
DAD No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims Warner Brothers.   WX 288LPDADNo Fuel Left for the Pilgrims1989DKWarner Brothers. WX 288  Reissue  ex/exEUR 7

DKK 50
Martin Hall Relief Teldec.   SAM 15LPMartin HallRelief - DKTeldec. SAM 15  Original  m-/nmEUR 30
USD 36

DKK 220
Martin Hall Under for. Apparently All the Same Gry RecordsLPMartin HallUnder for. Apparently All the Same1984DKGry Records  Original Gatefold ex+/nmEUR 30
USD 36

DKK 220
Hair’s Ensemble Hair Polydor.  2380 010LPHair’s EnsembleHair - DKPolydor. 2380 010  Original  vg/vgEUR 6

DKK 40
Röda Ropet Spänn bågen TAL & TONLPRöda RopetSpänn bågen1975SweTAL & TON  Original Incl textark ex+/ex+EUR 31
USD 37

DKK 225
Shit & Chanel Shit & Chanel Abra Cadabra Production.  ABC 2003LPShit & ChanelShit & Chanel1975DKAbra Cadabra Production. ABC 2003  Original  vg/vg+EUR 7

DKK 50
Shit & Chanel Dagen har så mange farver Metronome. MLP 15 649LPShit & ChanelDagen har så mange farver1975DKMetronome. MLP 15 649  Original Gatefold ex+/nmEUR 7

DKK 50
Trille Små Skridt Exlibris.   EXL. 30011LPTrilleSmå Skridt1981DKExlibris. EXL. 30011  Original Gatefold ex+/ex+EUR 10
USD 12

DKK 75
Gnags, Kræn Bysted, Ole Fick, Fætter Tonedøv, Trille, F.Th.Backmann, m.fl. Flyt dig Genlyd   GENLP 1152LPGnags, Kræn Bysted, Ole Fick, Fætter Tonedøv, Trille, F.Th.Backmann, m.fl.Flyt dig1979DKGenlyd GENLP 115  Original Org. Tekst og Nodehæfte ex+/ex+EUR 39
USD 46

DKK 280
Eric Clapton 3 LPs - Vinyls RepriseCollEric Clapton3 LPs - Vinyls - EU - USReprise   ex/exEUR 28
USD 33

DKK 200
Hanne Boel 4 stk Hanne Boel LP/Vinyl Medley RecordsCollHanne Boel4 stk Hanne Boel LP/Vinyl - DKMedley Records   ex/exEUR 19
USD 23

DKK 140
ABBA 5 stk ABBA LP Polar musicCollABBA5 stk ABBA LP - SwePolar music   vg/vgEUR 14
USD 17

DKK 100
Povl Dissing Lykkeland ExLibris EXL 20 015LPPovl DissingLykkeland1977DKExLibris EXL 20 015  Original  ex-/ex-EUR 24
USD 30
Neil Young Time fades away Reprise Records  62 857LPNeil YoungTime fades away1973USReprise Records 62 857   vg++/vg++EUR 16
USD 20
Peter Frampton Frampton comes alive! A&M Records  AMLM 637032LPPeter FramptonFrampton comes alive!1976UKA&M Records AMLM 63703   ex+/ex+EUR 12
USD 15
Hot Tuna Hoppkorv Grunt BFL 1-1920LPHot TunaHoppkorv1976GerGrunt BFL 1-1920  Org Innersleeve ex+/ex+EUR 25
USD 31
Poul Henningsen PH på Plade Louisiana Gyldendal Grammofonplader10Poul HenningsenPH på Plade1965DKLouisiana Gyldendal Grammofonplader  Original  vg/vgEUR 30
USD 36

DKK 220
Thin Lizzy Chinatown Vertigo   6359 030LPThin LizzyChinatown1980USVertigo 6359 030  Org. Innersleeve ex/exEUR 7

DKK 50
Mikes Theodorakis Lieder von Mikes Theodorakis RussiskLPMikes TheodorakisLieder von Mikes Theodorakis1980USSRRussisk  Original  ex+/ex+EUR 10
USD 12
Sting ...nothing like the sun A&M Records. 393912-12LPSting...nothing like the sun1987USA&M Records. 393912-1  Org innersleeve incl textart vg+/exEUR 7
Povl Dissing Mor Danmark Høre Kiks  HK LP 3LPPovl DissingMor Danmark1973DKHøre Kiks HK LP 3  Original Gatefold Org. Innersleve good/goodEUR 6

DKK 40
Beatles Abbey Road EMI Apple Records. PCS 7088LPBeatlesAbbey Road - SWEEMI Apple Records. PCS 7088   ex+/ex+EUR 25
USD 31
George Harrison Somewhere in England Dark Horse Records WB 56 870LPGeorge HarrisonSomewhere in England1981GerDark Horse Records WB 56 870  Org Innersleeve nm/nmEUR 25
USD 31
John Lennon Rock LPJohn LennonRock 'n' Roll1975SWEApple Records. PCS 7169   ex+/ex+EUR 35
USD 43
Lou Reed Rock n Roll Animal RCA Victor. APL 1-0472LPLou ReedRock n Roll Animal1974USRCA Victor. APL 1-0472  Original Gatefold vg/vg++EUR 15
USD 19
Yoko Ono Season of Glass Geffen Records. GEF 99 164LPYoko OnoSeason of Glass1981GerGeffen Records. GEF 99 164  Original Org innersleeve - textark ex+/nmEUR 20
USD 25
Doors Morrison Hotel - The Doors - Hard Rock Cafe Elektra ELM 42 080LPDoorsMorrison Hotel - The Doors - Hard Rock Cafe1973GerElektra ELM 42 080  Original Gatefold nm/ex+EUR 25
USD 31
Kliché Okay Okay Boys Medley Records MdLP 6090LPKlichéOkay Okay Boys1982DKMedley Records MdLP 6090  Original Org innersleeve ex-/exEUR 12
USD 15

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